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  • Our Story

    In the heart of England, in a little town named Wilmslow, was born the desire to revolutionize the compression market. A single mission; Beautifully Crafted Comfort, with Effective Performance.

    With a backdrop of over twenty years of experience in the hosiery & branded fashion market, our founder Anja Kahn commenced on a mission with a team of leading graduated compression experts, from the UK, US and Italy, to realize a product which would, well …. knock your socks off!

    The challenge to overcome was the technology and manufacturing capability. Compression socks are not a new invention, cave drawings from 5000 BC show soldiers with bandages on lower legs, however, use in hospitals as a preventative measure became more universally widespread from the 1950s & 1960s.

    Unfortunately, not much has changed since, in either the basic product technology or fiber compositions, generally resulting in products which are difficult to put on, very synthetic and definitely lacking in style. One would only wear them because of having to, and not because of wanting to as a day to day wellness regime for good leg health. The sports world, recognizing the huge benefits of compression in both performance & recovery, forced trends towards more eye popping colors & abstract logos to add design appeal, however the fibers are pretty much still synthetic, with the occasional dash of cotton as a nod to natural fiber inclusion.

    Two years of development, consulting with medical professionals & medical hosiery manufacturers, testing innovative knitting techniques, technological fibers & natural fibers, culminated in the global first patent-pending range, which we are so proud to stand behind.

    The unique Lanati Milk Yarn using natural milk fibers (absolutely, you read it right, milk fibers extruded from the milk protein casein), mixed with natural viscose and Lycra, make this product range very soft, extremely easy to put on, very comfortable to wear all day long, at an effective medical grade compression, manufactured in on-trend colors, AND the natural properties of milk fiber are many: moisturizing, antimicrobial, PH in harmony with the skin, plus a softness & drape-ability not found in most compression products.

    The branding has been revamped a few times; the ideal balance between medical & fashion was elusive, even for hardened brand developers, resulting in a few short-lived brand launches along the way. Eventually, we believe we did get there; going back to our roots of French heritage brands, L' ATOME was born, and then in the US it was sharpened to ATOM.

    The atom, a building block, word root from the Greek 'indivisible' or 'undivided'. Add in some atomic philosophy, and you have the beginning of an interesting conversation.

     The quest to revolutionize the graduated compression sock, triggered a passion in the team to not stop there; our compression range continues to grow daily as we bring you performance fabrics and yarns, designed to look good and manufactured using innovation and ground-breaking techniques, to perform, be comfortable, and last.

    The passion extends to our un-compromising strive for ethical manufacture, caring for the people in the supply chain, limiting the environmental impacts, and placing you, our customer, at the center of our organization.

    Invented in the UK
    Designed in the US
    Manufactured in Italy
    A global partnership that works, despite the time zones!

    We want to hear from you; drop us a line about what compression apparel means in your life.

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    Atom Compression Wear